India corona virus: 57 minor girls test positive in Kanpur shelter home

Girls in shelter home in Kanpur , have tested positive for covid 19. And new cases have arose in Bangalore as Adarsh Palm retreat, tower 3 has inhabited a covid patient. The patient, who was a security guard at the time, was tested positive for covid 19. And by the way, Adarsh Palm is where I live!!! This shows that even strict and locked down apartments and villas could be inhabiting a covid patient.

A new question has arose from the scientists in India. In other countries, more men are dying but why in India, Do more woman die or have a greater chance of dying than men? This question had come to them when there were about 3,433 deaths and those that were more women than men. The answer for this question still remains unknown and the scientists are still trying to figure this out.

Now there is a total of 425k covid cases and 13,700 reported deaths and worldwide, there is a enormous 9 million covid cases and more than 467k reported deaths. In conclusion, I think that the medical and police forces around the globe are putting in immense effort to try and save our lives and they are risking their own lives for us. We can save their and our lives by staying safe and maintaining distance and hygiene. That is all for today guys! Bye!!!

By: Abhi


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Abhi Misra

Hello everybody. My name is Abhi and I am 11 years old. I love to write articles but when I saw medium, my life changed. I hope you like the articles I send.