India Covid Cases Past 6L As 19k More Test Positive

India is past half a million infected inhabitants as they past 6L. Yesterday, more than 19k more people got tested positive and now, PM Modi takes initiative.

Apartments are now sanitizing all floors with disinfectant spray and if there is a case then they will restrict anyone from going in and out of the floors that are one above it and one below it. The good news is that we are keeping ourselves safe by basically home quarantining ourselves.

But the bad news is that we are still getting infected even though we don’t know where we are getting it from. I think that we are getting infected because we keep on going to hospitals if we are showing symptoms even if we are not actually infected. Then when we go to get tested, we get infected.

So, it is better to stay at home and not go to hospitals. If you are showing symptoms, then you should self quarantine yourself in a room.

We hope you are safe!



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Abhi Misra

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