India Does Not Retreat As China Threatens War on Ladakh

War is about to take place as China threatens to attack and capture Ladakh. On June 15th, Indian and Chinese troops clashed for six hours in a steep section of a mountainous region in the Galwan Valley. The fighting began when an Indian patrol encountered Chinese soldiers in an area the Indians believed the Chinese had retreated from in line with a previous disengagement agreement. 20+ Indian soldiers were found dead after the first attack. This has caused a such like war on India’s Ladakh and China will not stop until they get Ladakh. PM Modi on Monday says “The sacrifice made by the 20 Indian soldiers will not go in vain.” He also gives 5 more quotes to China such as:

  1. “The brave sons of Mother India made the supreme sacrifice while protecting our motherland in the Galwan Valley. I salute them for their great sacrifice in their service to the Nation. I pay tributes to them with my heartfelt gratitude. In this difficult moment of grief, I express my condolences to the families of these Martyrs. Today the entire Nation is with you. The country’s sympathies are with you. This supreme sacrifice of our Martyrs will not go in vain.”

PM Modi Is Trying Very Hard To Stop China from fighting but if China doesn’t listen, then PM Modi and the Indian soldiers will not hold back. That’s all for Today. Thank You!

By: Abhi



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Abhi Misra

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