Who Should Be The Next US President?

Abhi Misra
2 min readSep 28, 2020


This year’s US presidential election could come down to results in just a few key states.

Can Joe Biden wrestle enough to seize the presidency? Or will Donald Trump go home to a second win?

It’s all about the race to 270 votes.

In the 2020s election, the US House of Representatives has chosen seven states to vote instead of each state voting.

How did they pick these states?

In the US election system, it’s the state-level results that count. Each state has a number of votes, based on population, and many reliably vote the same way each time.

They chose the seven key states which have enough votes to sway the outcome and where they expect the battle to be fought more closely. President Trump won all of them in 2016

Why do the candidates start with some votes?

Since most states are already tipped to vote one way or the other, they have assigned their respective votes to the candidate that is considered most likely to vote for. This means the game starts at 188 votes for Donald Trump and 233 for Joe Biden.

Can there be a tie?

Technically, yes. There are a total of 538 votes and the two candidates can win states in such a way that each will come out with 269 votes.

To break the tie, the US House of Representatives will vote for the next president and the US Senate will vote for the next vice-president.

This is so rare though.



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